13 Apr 2005

Fiji police investigating issue of passport to daughter of alleged Mafia Queen

10:25 am on 13 April 2005

Several Fiji immigration officers are facing imminent suspension over the issuing of a passport to the daughter of the Chinese national known as the Mafia Queen of Fiji.

Yan Xiu Hua, who had been linked to prostitution rackets, money laundering and other serious organised crime, was deported last Friday after years of unsuccessful attempts because of her links to people in high places.

Fiji TV reports that her 11-year old daughter was issued with a Fiji passport, number 649105, only three weeks ago on March 23rd even though she was not entitled to it because both her parents were aliens.

Assistant police commissioner, Kemueli Bulamainaivalu, has confirmed the investigations, saying the girl should not have been issued with a Fiji passport under the law.

Five immigration officials whose names appear on the paperwork related to the issuance of the passport are under investigation and could face suspension.

Mr Bulamainaivalu says police believe the passport was issued illegally and those found responsible will be charged.

Earlier this week the minister for home affairs, Josefa Vosanibola, said the immigration ministry is facing a major cleanup after the deportation of the Mafia Queen because such people are a security risk and he wants to tighten up on the issuance of visas and work permits.