13 Apr 2005

Tokelau and New Zealand talking about priorities for repair on the cyclone battered atolls

1:21 pm on 13 April 2005

Tokelau's top public servant, Falani Aukuso, is in Wellington to begin establishing priorities for the rebuilding of the atolls following the destruction caused by Cyclone Percy in February.

The cyclone severely damaged crops, buildings, infrastructure and the atolls' sea walls.

Mr Aukuso says they now have an independent assessment from a United Nations led team, which largely confirmed what the people themselves have experienced - with a particular emphasis on the state of the sea walls and the problem of waste.

But he says the report has not prioritised repairs needed or the costing involved.

"And part of my visit here is to talk with the Government of New Zealand officials, particularly the New Zealand assistance side and the administrator of Tokelau, to begin to tie down those priorities and make an attempt at costings."