13 Apr 2005

Tuvalu expects resignation of MP

3:57 pm on 13 April 2005

An opposition MP in Tuvalu, Kamuta Latasi, says he would welcome the planned resignation of government MP, Sio Patiale.

Mr Patiale has been in Auckland for almost a year due to illness but returned to parliament for one day in December to help pass the budget.

If he resigns from his Nanumea electorate, the government will hold seven seats and the opposition six.

Two seats would be contested in by-elections after another MP died.

Mr Latasi says last year the government and parliament could not function properly.

"But on the whole it is a blessing, not only to us in parliament but to the whole country and even to the government itself. Because the government is unable to move at the moment because they cannot even call parliament, without Sio."

Mr Latasi.

The Pacnews agency has reported Mr Patiale as saying it's only fair to his people that he resigns but the prime minister's office says he is yet to do so.