19 Apr 2005

Mixed reaction among Telecom Fiji workers to redundancy packages

5:17 pm on 19 April 2005

There's been mixed reaction among Telecom Fiji's 1500 workers to the voluntary redundancy packages on offer from the company.

The offer, which workers have two weeks to accept or not, is part of the proposed restructure of the monopoly company which reportedly wants to shed 500 workers.

Telecom is offering each employee a fixed sum of three months pay plus two weeks pay for each year of service.

But the president of the Telecom Workers Union, Timoci Motokula, says this arrangement doesn't work out well for some workers who are contracted and not on the normal payroll...

"We're having mixed reactions. It can vary from someone who has just signed for three years, it works out very well for that person. And for those who are on the last lap of their contract, from what I gather, they're not too happy with the outcome."

Timoci Motokula says the union maintains its stand that the redundancies have to be voluntary and not forced, which appears to have been honoured at this stage.