19 Apr 2005

Norman George, ousted in last year's Cook Islands elections, has plans to return to Parliament

8:29 pm on 19 April 2005

The Cook Islands speaker of parliament, Norman George, is in talks to stand as an MP in Atiu.

The current MP, 72 year old Upoko Simpson, says he plans to step down from politics next year, due to illness and old age and Mr George wants to take his place.

Our correspondent in the Cook Islands, Jason Brown, says its no surprise that the veteran politician plans to stand again,

He says Mr George has seen an opportunity to get back in.

"It means that when he resigns as speaker he will be eligible to stand as a candidate in Atiu and possibly get back into parliament, and even more possibly be elected as Prime Minister which is said to be his ultimate goal. He's not satisfied with heading into the house, he wants to be the majority leader of it."

Jason Brown.