21 Apr 2005

RAMSI waives immunity in Makasi case

10:30 am on 21 April 2005

RAMSI Special Coordinator, James Batley has confirmed that RAMSI will be defending the Makasi matter in the High Court.

Lawyers for the Regional Assistance Mission yesterday advised the High Court that its decision to submit to the Court's jurisdiction is for the purposes of the Makasi case only.

While unable to comment on the case while it is before the courts, Mr Batley said RAMSI was confident that the matter could now be resolved quickly.

The High Court is expected to set a date for the hearing proper next Wednesday.

The case has not affected RAMSI's operations which have gone on as normal Mr Batley said.

Mr Batley said their work with the people and government of Solomon Islands in rebuilding the nation has continued as before.

At the same time all complaints made against RAMSI officials are taken very seriously and are fully investigated he said.