21 Apr 2005

French Polynesia's Human Rights League warns of social unrest unless politicians change

1:04 pm on 21 April 2005

French Polynesia's Human Rights League says the tendency of local politicians to protect their own privileges, could lead to social unrest in future.

In its annual report the League says the criticism applies not only to politicians across the political spectrum, but also includes France's local representatives, who it accuses of "ignoring a growing social discontent".

The League's outgoing President, Alain Bessalem, says politicians "don't care about French Polynesians."

He warned that unless things changed, a growing number of the population could feel rejected and seek an outlet in violence.

Mr Bessalem said one of the underlying reasons was the creation of a "culture of plenty" as a result of the 30-year presence of France's nuclear testing facility in French Polynesia.