22 Apr 2005

Fiji Media Council cautions Police Commissioner

8:49 am on 22 April 2005

The Fiji Media Council has called on the police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, to respect the Media Code of Ethics.

The call follows a police demand that Fiji TV reveal the source of the controversial Lt Col Seruvakula's statement excerpts of which the station broadcast this week.

Fiji TV has refused to do this but Mr Hughes says police are still investigating how it was leaked.

He says a copy of that statement was given to the office of the director of public prosecutions and another was tabled in the High Court.

Mr Hughes says the people who have the answer to the leak are at Fiji TV.

But the chairman of the Fiji Media Council, Daryl Tarte, says under the media code of ethics, Fiji TV and its journalists have an obligation to protect confidential sources of information.

Mr Tarte says journalists have a duty to investigate every issue that they possibly can and have every right to refuse to identify their sources.