22 Apr 2005

American Samoa senators asked to take legal action against governor

3:37 pm on 22 April 2005

The American Samoan Senate has been asked to take legal action against the governor for spending money without legislative approval.

Tuana'itau Tuia said the governor didn't have the legal authority to expend funds without the Fono's approval.

He said he couldn't accept that the governor had usurped the legislature's appropriation authority and the Senate should take the governor to court because he had violated the law.

A majority of senators supported Tuana'itau's position.

Senator Alo Stevenson said this wasn't the first time that the government had spent funds without Fono approval.

He said the law had been violated and the Senate shouldn't think lightly of it.

Senator Faiivae Galea'i cautioned against taking this step and called for a less confrontational approach.

He said the Senate should keep the peace and not engage in a legal battle.