22 Apr 2005

Wives of disappeared politicians in French Polynesia not motivated by political support

3:02 pm on 22 April 2005

The wives of three politicians who disappeared nearly three years ago in French Polynesia say their calls for a new inquiry aren't motivated by fresh political backing.

Boris Leontieff, Lucien Kimitete and Arsen Tuairau haven't been seen since their plane vanished in the Tuamotu archipelago in May 2002.

The government MP, Hiro Tefaarere, and the Speaker, Antony Geros, are supporting the wives of the disappeared in their call for a commission of inquiry.

The news agency, Tahitipresse, carries a statement from the wives, which says they're only motivated by the search for truth.

They say they wouldn't wish on anyone, the ordeal which the families of the disappeared have undergone, and still undergo.

The statement goes on to ask people not to cross-examine them, over their intentions.

It says they're prepared to accept all sorts of political support, provided it helps the search for justice.