5 May 2005

Fiji chief says people with HIV Aids should be exiled

10:20 am on 5 May 2005

A traditional Fijian chief has called for the isolation of people with HIV/AIDS on a remote island.

The Fiji Times newspaper reports that the call has been made by Rewa chief, Ratu Isoa Damudamu.

Speaking at a provincial workshop on the disease, Ratu Isoa said since there was no law for everyone to have their blood tested, the government should take harsher measures.

He said if nothing is done to isolate AIDS and HIV sufferers from those who are not infected, they could wipe out a whole generation.

Ratu Isoa said church youth groups should be abolished because they are meeting places for youths to indulge in immoral activities.

He has warned that major secondary schools competitions such as last week's athletic games, were meeting places for youths to indulge in indecent activities and become infected with HIV/AIDS.