9 May 2005

Fiji's pro-coup party supports proposed Reconciliation Commission

3:25 pm on 9 May 2005

The president of Fiji's pro-coup Conservative Alliance Matanitu party, the CAMV, says the party supports the government's proposed Reconciliation Commission.

This is despite key demands of the party not being met in the proposed bill over the freeing of all coup convicts and an immediate end to all coup investigations.

Ratu Tanoa Vosiwaqa says the CAMV has moved forward from its original objectives and now believes that justice must prevail even though many of its high profile members have been convicted and jailed for coup offences.

"We still support the government of the day and we support that the legal process has to go forward with justice. We're paying a heavy price for this coalition with the government but we're still positive with the developments."

Ratu Tanoa says the CAMV expects to see a draft of the bill shortly and will be given an opportunity to comment on it.

The bill setting up the Reconciliation Commission is expected to be tabled in parliament next week.