11 May 2005

Vanuatu company seeks Pacific security work

1:24 pm on 11 May 2005

The ni-Vanuatu director of a new private security firm says he hopes to provide security services in the Pacific region.

Michael Taun, who is an former police force member, says the Human Inquiry Property Protection and Investigations firm hopes to attract ex police force members to sign up.

He says the company will provide an opportunity for former police force officers to continue utilising their skills, and earn good money.

He says the company has no connections with the United Nations work.

"We're looking forward to commencing our operations. When you look at the problems with Papua New Guinea and Solomons - our Melanesian neighbours.. and when ex force members finish from the force, they have no where else to go security wise and they turn to crime and drug trafficking and so forth, here they can get more money than they did when they were serving on the force."

Michael Taun says although he is still working out the finer details of the company, he says the firm is incorporated.