11 May 2005

Fiji confirms deportation of triad boss

7:18 pm on 11 May 2005

Fiji's immigration department has confirmed that a man described as the Godfather of the Chinese Triad gang operating in the country has been deported.

The acting director of Immigration, Emori Tugia, has told Radio Legend that Billy Hao, who served a prison sentence for smuggling heroin into Fiji, was an illegal immigrant who was returned to China last Friday.

The disclosure came after a senior Chinese businessman in Fiji, Kester Yee, publicly questioned why Hao was allowed to remain in the country after his release last January.

Mr Yee has called on Fiji's Chinese community to unite and fight against the Chinese Triad who use intimidating tactics to obtain wealth from local Chinese or they will continue to be terrorised.

Meanwhile, police have confirmed that some members of the Chinese community may be involved in organised crime like drug dealing, extortion, gambling and prostitution.

The police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says the force is ready to clamp down on such individuals and has called on members of the public to provide information and report acts of intimidation.