12 May 2005

Author hopes book will help understanding in post-2000 coup Fiji

8:58 pm on 12 May 2005

The editor of a new book on the Speight led coup in Fiji in 2000, says it will help people better understand how and why the events took place.

The book has been co-written by the former deputy prime minister, Tupeni Baba, his partner, Unaisi Nabobo-Baba, and Pacific journalist, Mike Field.

It includes extracts from Mr Baba's secret diary which he kept for the 56 days he, and other politicians, were held as hostages.

The senior editor for Reed Publishing, Gillian Kootstra, says the book, called Speight of Violence, will be published on Friday and is expected to sell over two thousand copies.

"Fijians everywhere are going to be interested in finding out what was going on behind the scenes, finding out what was going on inside parliament and how they can move on from what's happened. Fijians, they don't want this to be happening to their economy and their social structure and I think they're all interested in ways they can understand better and then move on."

The senior editor for Reed Publishing, Gillian Kootstra.