16 May 2005

Solomon Islands Peace Council calls for RAMSI to remain

9:03 pm on 16 May 2005

The secretary of Solomon Islands Peace Council says they have asked the Eminent Persons Group to let the Regional Assistance Mission stay longer.

Nathaniel Supa says the Council's talks with the Eminent Persons Group, which is reviewing RAMSI's work, were positive.

The Group is led by the Fiji foreign minister and includes the secretary general of the Pacific Islands Forum.

Mr Supa says they want RAMSI to help out with economic developments in the country such as improving infrastructure, roads and communications.

He says the copra and cocoa, timber and oil palm industries need help, as do locals on managing their finances and improving work ethic.

"We would like RAMSI to stay ten years plus in the Solomon Islands, because if there is no more RAMSI, we feel the women won't do what their supposed to do, they stay in fear, and we really believe RAMSI improve the country and so on, and that everyone else wants RAMSI to stay on."

Nathaniel Supa, of the Solomon Islands Peace Council.