23 May 2005

Solomon Islands MP unhappy at treatment from ACP Secretariat

3:20 pm on 23 May 2005

A Solomon Islands MP, Alfred Sasako, says he's determined to clear his name after the ACP secretariat insisted on him resigning as its press attache, shortly after he got the job.

Mr Sasako says he was appointed by the new Secretary-General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group, Sir John Kaputin, who is from Papua New Guinea, but when he arrived in Brussels he was asked to resign.

The MP claims that this was a result of two opposition MPs, Joses Sanga and Nollen Leni, informing Sir John that he had forged documents.

But, Mr Sasako, who did not resign from parliament when he was offered the five-year ACP job, also says he learned that the staff regulations at the ACP secretariat prohibit people from holding two jobs.

The MP says it wasn't pointed out to him and it's been a very unhappy incident.

"My prime minister was very involved in ensuring that Papua New Guinea got the support it needed to have Sir John in that post. The fact that I was shabbily dealt with, I think has left some black mark in terms of feelings."

Alfred Sasako, the MP for East Kwaio.