23 May 2005

New Zealand army engineers fly to Niue to work on projects

3:21 pm on 23 May 2005

A group of New Zealand army engineers and medics are flying to Niue this afternoon to help with a series of projects following last year's cyclone.

The commanding officer of the 2nd Engineering regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel, Phil Morrison, says an advance party of six is already on Niue but the rest of the group of 115, will arrive later today.

He says there is also a Navy ship, the HMNZS Resolution, at Niue which is helping out.

Lieutenant-Colonel Morrison says they'll be re-constructing an industrial park, rebuilding the Fono and also repairing sea tracks which were damaged.

"It's important for the local people to get access for fishing, as well as for tourists to get access to the lagoon and some of the very beautiful areas they've got there. A number of the sea tracks were damaged by the waves during Cyclone Heta. So, we'll be helping to re-establish or clear access to those pathways back down to the lagoon."

Lieutenant-Colonel Phil Morrison