23 May 2005

Administrator of PNG Island of Bougainville says expats advising Ona should be warned

12:43 pm on 23 May 2005

The administrator of the Papua New Guinea Island of Bougainville, Peter Tsiamalili, says Australia should publicly condemn two expatriates who he says are becoming embroiled in local affairs.

He says they are misguiding the separatist leader, Francis Ona, with tales of kingdoms and links to the royal family.

Peter Tsiamalili, who is overseeing Bougainville's first election of an autonomous government, said Australian, Jeff Richards, and Briton, James Nessbit, were dangerously deluding Mr Ona and his followers by encouraging opposition to the election.

Francis Ona, the self-proclaimed king of the island and leader of the Meekamui Movement, emerged from 16 years seclusion within Bougainville's militant-controlled no-go zone recently to declare the island independent and the election invalid.