31 May 2005

Solomons bishop loses all church roles in

3:18 pm on 31 May 2005

An Anglican bishop in Solomon Islands has been stripped off his church responsibilities.

The Solomon Star newspaper reports that the former Bishop of Isabel Diocese, Zephaniah Legumana, will no longer perform his duties as a bishop, priest or deacon.

The decision was communicated to Anglican churches around the country last Sunday in a widely circulated letter.

The Church of Melanesia's Vicar General, Father David Karabongi, said the church has withdrawn the licence of Bishop Zephaniah Legumana, stopping him from performing any pastoral duties.

No reasons were given for the action and Father Karabongi has refused to comment further.

However, the newspaper says it understands that the move could be related to claims that Fr Legumana is behind the move for Hograno District to become independent from the church of Melanesia.

Plans are already under for Hograno people to celebrate the inauguration of the Episcopal Church of Solomon Islands on the July the 1st.