3 Jun 2005

Final results of PNG's Bougainville election imminent

3:34 pm on 3 June 2005

As the election of an autonomous government in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville draws to a close, a prominent women's advocate is expressing delight at the way the poll has gone.

The election of the 40-seat assembly is expected to be completed within hours.

The seats declared so far include the Central Bougainville Women's seat, won by former PNG diplomat Magdalene Itona Toroansi, and the Central Bougainville Ex-Combatants seat, which has gone to Glynn Tovirika.

The battle for the Presidency continues to be headed by Joseph Kabui, the leader of the People's Congress Party.

Helen Hakena of the Leitana Nehan Women's Development Agency says she is very happy with how the two week poll has gone.

"You know, when people went out campaigning there was a feeling of insecurity at first. They did not know what the outcome would be. But now we are so happy that things have gone the other way around. There has been a lot of support, even from Meekamui, the Resistance fighters, and almost everyone on Bougainville - it was really good."