7 Jun 2005

Former Niue cabinet minister says review needed of ministers' workload

3:18 pm on 7 June 2005

A former member of cabinet on Niue says there needs to be a review of what ministers are required to do because too much is expected of them.

Toke Talagi, who was allocated the portfolios of finance, telecommunications and the Development Bank amongst others, says he found it difficult at times to be across all the different demands.

His comments follow criticism from the opposition over a proposal from the premier, Young Vivian, to increase the number of cabinet ministers from four to six.

Mr Talagi says not only is there too much work to do but there isn't the appropriate support staff available to ensure it can be done.

"I know that there are concerns about costs but at the same time, we've got to be aware that the type of work we're required to do, would be very similar, albeit on a smaller scale, to what other cabinet ministers in New Zealand and Australia, and so on, are required to do."

Mr Talagi says the change may be some time away because it requires a change to the constitution.