6 Jun 2005

Defeated ex-governor says Bougainville election fraudulent

9:06 pm on 6 June 2005

The former Governor of the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville, John Momis, claims that the president-elect, Joseph Kabui, and the elections manager, Mathias Pihei, colluded in a fraudulent electoral process.

Mr Momis was the second highest polling candidate in the poll for the presidency of the new Bougainville autonomous government, but he trailed Mr Kabui by more than 14 thousand votes.

He claims this was because of a monumentally fraudulent exercise.

"The declared results were totally not consistent, or were in some cases twice, and others, three or four times more than the number of eligible voters as per the common roll."

But Mr Pihei says he is confident his staff did a good job, while Joseph Kabui says Mr Momis just cannot accept he lost graciously.