7 Jun 2005

Men in PNG province of Bougainville urged to treat women as equals

5:39 am on 7 June 2005

One of the women elected to the new assembly in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville says the men must now start treating them as equals.

Frances Semoso won the Bougainville North seat reserved for women and will be joined by two other women in the 40 seat Assembly.

She says she hopes the three will work together on issues such as trying to improve the quality of life of Bougainville women.

And she says the men will need to realise that they must support the women's initiatives.

"And I think men have to wake up now and know that women have to be recognized. Issues that have always failed to be addressed by men, will now be addressed by women because they know that from the bottoms of their hearts that that has to be addressed, - and they must give us support."