7 Jun 2005

French officials declare end to their dispute with Wallis customary authorities

8:14 pm on 7 June 2005

French officials in Wallis say their dispute with customary authorities has ended with the surrender of the king's grandson.

The French want the king's grandson to be punished for manslaughter, and moved to try to unseat the king of Wallis if he didn't turn in his young relation.

The chief of staff to the territory's French prefect say the royal gave himself up this morning after hiding in the palace for six months.

Jean-Marie Oustry says French officials have also ended a sit-in at a local business.

"We have a business here which had been occupied since the end of July 2004. This business was this morning evacuated without any problems in particular."

Mr Oustry says it's not yet clear if the customary authorities have now deposed the king.