13 Jun 2005

18-year old Fiji girl survives 48 hours in water

3:24 pm on 13 June 2005

An 18-year old Fijian girl has survived a 48-hour ordeal at sea after swimming alone until she reached shore.

The Fiji Sun reports that Akisi Taoba was one of five people in a 15-metre fibreglass boat who set off from Tailevu last Wednesday night to attend a traditional forgiveness ceremony further up the coast at Verevere in Ra.

A few hours later the boat was overturned by a freak wave and the 18-year old struggled in rough seas until she crawled up a beach early on Saturday morning.

She collapsed and slept for the next six hours before waking up and walking to the nearest house whose residents took her to Korovou Hospital where she is recovering.

Her uncle also managed to swim ashore but her father, brother and cousin are still missing at sea.