14 Jun 2005

Solomon Islands hospital sends patients home because of lack of water

9:28 am on 14 June 2005

A hospital in the far east of Solomon Islands has sent many patients home because of a water shortage.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports only very sick patients are being allowed to stay at Lata hospital in Temotu province.

The provincial health director, Dr Gunter Kittel, says says the hospital can't afford to keep patients without proper water and sanitation.

Dr Kittel says only when water can flow to the hospital again will patients be allowed to stay at the hospital.

The Solomons government is acting to relieve a food shortage in the Reef Islands

Reports say this shortage over the past seven months has impacted greatly on schooling.

The head teacher of Fenualoa Primary School, Selwyn Meba, said children have been sent home after only two hours of classes.