22 Jun 2005

Fiji's CCF says Prison Commissioner influenced by government

3:51 pm on 22 June 2005

Fiji's Commissioner of Prisons is being accused of being influenced by the government and being biased in his decision to allow nine soldiers to be released from jail extra-murally.

Jone Dakuvula from the Citizens Constitutional Forum, the CCF, says they know of other eligible prisoners who have applied but not been granted early release to serve the rest of their sentences in the community.

He says they're advising one seriously ill prisoner to take his case to the Human Rights Commission or to the courts after getting no response to his applications.

Mr Dakuvula says the nine soldiers were court-martialled and jailed for their actions but others who committed lesser crimes are still stuck inside.

"The controller of prisons is being influenced by the government to release these soldiers on extra-mural soldiers in order to provoke the Fiji military forces. And, I think it's a very dangerous decision to make because the relationship between the government and the FMF commander is very bad at present."

The CCF's Jone Dakuvula.