28 Jun 2005

Fiji government asks for help to locate head of Meridian Services

10:17 am on 28 June 2005

The Fiji government has sought the help of the international police agency, Interpol, to locate the head of Meridian Services, Timoci Lolohea, and return him home.

Mr Lolohea, who was instrumental in recruiting about 20-thousand Fijians for work in Kuwait and Iraq, left the country early this year and has not returned.

Those wanting what were described as well-paid jobs in Kuwait had paid almost 100-US dollars each for processing fees or a total of nearly 2-million US dollars.

But apart from the 400 who were sent to Kuwait, the rest are still waiting in Fiji.

Those already back from Kuwait are complaining that they were not paid what they were promised and were issued with only visitor's visas by the Kuwait authorities instead of work visas.

The Fiji Ministry of Labour has been conducting an inquiry into Meridian's activities.

The labour minister, Kenneth Zinck, says they need Mr Lolohea back in Fiji to help in their inquiries.