29 Jun 2005

Fiji senator urges Christians to vote against Reconciliation Bill

10:20 am on 29 June 2005

A former Fiji finance minister and now Great Council of Chief's senator says the so-called Reconciliation and Unity Bill is a "diabolically contrived Bill with its origins in hell."

The Fiji Times reports that Senator Jim Ah Koy has told the Upper House, "The bill is anti-Bible and every Christian should vote against it."

Senator Ah Koy says "the Bill is not for unity but for some guys in the government who are trying to save their own skins because the coup investigations are creeping up on them."

Mr Ah Koy, who represents the Kadavu Province, says he would always stand for the truth even if it means losing his seat in the Senate because he opposes the Bill.

Senator Ah Koy has attacked the chairman of the Kadavu Provincial Council, Ratu Josateki Nawalowalo, for saying the province supports the Bill, when it hasn't been taken to the people at district and village level.

He says "Ratu Josateki should know that the views of the provincial council do not represent the views of the people of Kadavu."

Senator Ah Koy says "Ratu Josateki should be like the chairman of the Tailevu Provincial Council, Josefa Serulagilagi, who says the Bill will have to be taken to the people at district and village level and their decisions brought back to the provincial council."

Mr Ah Koy has called on the government to hold a referendum on the Bill.