1 Jul 2005

Amnesty criticises Australia's detention policy

4:05 pm on 1 July 2005

Amnesty International has issued a scathing condemnation of the Australian government's indefinite detention of asylum seekers.

The organisation has issued 17 recommendations to ensure human rights violations end.

These include an end to indefinite detention by placing time limits on the amount a person can be confined; allowing people the right to challenge their detention through the judicial process and an end to the use of temporary visas.

Amnesty International Australia's Russell Thirgood says they want better treatment for stateless people and those who face danger if forced to return home..

He says these people are just being left to languish indefinitely in detention.

"That is clearly a breach of our human rights obligations and we would like to see a complementary visa being granted for these people to ensure they can re-enter the community while the situation is being monitored. The report also looked at the so called Pacific Solution and in particular the detention centre in Nauru, where neither the Australian Government or the Nauruan Government seem to take responsibility for the lives of the people there."