6 Jul 2005

PNG Dept of Agriculture to set up pigeon breeding programme

10:13 am on 6 July 2005

Papua New Guinea's Department of Agriculture and Livestock plans to set up a breeding farm for homing pigeons.

The breeding farm will enable farmers in both rural and urban areas to use this bird as another source of cheap animal protein.

A livestock advisor, Mervyn Sumpa, said homing pigeon production has good commercial potential, but a breeding programme would be needed first.

He said individual farmers have bred squabs, or young pigeons, and are selling them to farmers at 3 to 4 US dollars per bird.

He said pigeons, which could be easily raised in rural and urban areas.

A good flock size to start with would be a minimum of 25 pairs of breeding birds, and each farm could produce up to 300 squabs per year.