5 Jul 2005

Marshall Islands College given another six month reprieve

8:55 pm on 5 July 2005

The College of the Marshall Islands has another six months to save its American college accreditation.

It has been on notice or "show cause" for six months and this week this classification has been extended until next January.

Accreditation gives the College access to federal funding and acceptance of its qualifications in the US.

The College's acting President, Troy McGrath, says it needs to find a fully qualified chief executive and to develop its administrative capacity.

He says other concerns are the quality of student services and the lack of adequate records, but these are being worked on.

"What we have done is put on a special team to go back to go through the records, to scoop up the missing information, to computerise it all so that now we have accurate records so we can print out transcripts and so we can track all students. And that feeds into the other problem which was institutional research - how do we know that we are delivering what we say we are delivering."

Troy McGrath.