6 Jul 2005

New Zealander becomes new Solomons deputy police commissioner

1:27 pm on 6 July 2005

A foreigner has started as a new deputy police commissioner in Solomon Islands.

New Zealander Graham Emery has joined the force as an additional deputy next to Sandi Peisley of Australia.

Mr Emery, who is on an 18-month contract, says he would like to take on more staff from New Zealand.

Mr Emery will be responsible for operations support, and will hold a number of responsibilities, including human resources, finances, training, and strategic planning.

"At this stage we're looking at another two more positions here at the RSIP or Royal Solomon Islands Police and hopefully yes very soon we'll have more support from New Zealand, so yes a few more positions are likely as well."

Mr Emery's position is being funded by the New Zealand government.

He is a qualified lawyer with 20 years of policing experience and most recently held a post of the Commander of the New Zealand Police Contingent to RAMSI.