12 Jul 2005

Fiji Justice Ministry worried by growth in suspicious financial transactions

10:21 am on 12 July 2005

Fiji's justice ministry has warned the Trade and Investment Bureau to be wary of whom it issues investment licences to.

Fiji TV reports the concern follows the discovery by the Financial Intelligence Unit that some investors are being allowed to set up in Fiji only to start repatriating their money immediately afterwards.

Between January and the end of June this year, the Financial Intelligence Unit recorded 800 suspicious transactions at a rate of 133 a month.

The chief executive officer of the justice ministry, Sakiusa Rabuka, says they are worried this could make Fiji a centre of laundering dirty money.

He says they need to stay focussed on keeping Fiji financially clean and concentrate on quality investment.

Sakiusa Rabuka says it's important to maintain the integrity of the system because criminal elements have a lot of money which they use to buy people.