12 Jul 2005

American Samoa senator outlines key areas for legislature address

8:22 pm on 12 July 2005

American Samoa Senate President Lolo has outlined several concerns that the Senate will be addressing in the second sitting of the legislature which began today.

Topping his list is financial assistance for the LBJ Hospital, improving air services between Honolulu and American Samoa, providing adequate transportation to Manu'a and reviewing the territory's relationship with the United States.

Lolo has appealed to senators to place priority on financial assistance for the hospital.

He noted that financial problems now faced by the hospital are not new but have festred and now the medical center is facing a crisis.

On air services the Senate president said that residents have to pay 3 to four times the airfares between Honolulu and the mainland west coast for travel between Hawaii and the territory yet the distances are about the same.

The Senate President said the terriotry also needed to review its relationship with the United States and a good opportunity to do this was during the planned constitutional convention later this year.