14 Jul 2005

American Samoa watchdog group calls for sacking of some LBJ administrators

10:13 am on 14 July 2005

American Samoa Watchdog group Common Cause says the unnecessary deaths and health related problems at LBJ are not new and are on-going.

It says after several years things have not improved but have got worse.

Common Cause welcomed the appointment of a new hospital board and the

selection as chairman of a highly qualified and experienced person, Charles Warren.

The group said under Mr Warren the new board is meeting often and has taken to task its obligation to the people of the territory and the needs of the staff.

Common Cause has repeated a call it made in March for the Hospital CEO Taufetee John Faumuina Jr, his deputy Renee Clemens and support staff to be removed.

President Taimane Johnson says they are part of past problems at LBJ and will

continue to be.