15 Jul 2005

Guam mayor to complain to police over reckless driving ticket

3:26 pm on 15 July 2005

A Guam village chief who was cited for reckless driving and illegal use of lights after he attempted to pull over a speeding motorist is to complain to the police chief.

Piti Mayor, Ben Gumataotao, says he acted in such a manner because he was concerned for the safety of his community and the driver was exceeding the speed limit by 25 miles an hour.

However the driver of the other vehicle would not stop, complaining to police that Mr Gumataotao had driven dangrously when trying to pull him over.

But the Piti Mayor says it is a disgrace that he was ticketed and the other driver was not.

"I will talk to the chief of police to see if they can reprimand this individual officer because I don't think he is doing a good job for the community or the island. He's supposed to listen to me not for him to listen to the other guy."

Piti Mayor, Ben Gumataotao.

The Attorney-General, Dougalas Moylan, says the mayor was within his rights to pull over the driver as a community peace officer.