18 Jul 2005

Tonga's public servants demand pay rises for their bosses be withdrawn

7:04 pm on 18 July 2005

The new committee formed to set up a Public Servants Association in Tonga, says the Prime Minister has until Wednesday to halt pay rises given to senior workers, or risk protest action.

Workers are upset over how much top public servants get paid, as many lack the qualifications and experience needed to fulfil all the job requirements.

The PSA chairman, Finau Tutone, says workers want the government to drop their new pay rise rates that came into effect on July 1.

He says 1500 public servants met last week, to see if the association could negotiate a fairer pay scale.

"We are sending out a letter last Friday to the PM and given him all our grievances and our recommendations. And if they don't reply or if they do reply and we're still dissatisfied, we'll have another big meeting with all the civil servants."

Mr Tutone says further action could involve either strike action or a protest march.