27 Jul 2005

UPNG worried amid continued campus violence

7:48 pm on 27 July 2005

An extra-ordinary meeting of the Papua New Guinea University Council will tomorrow consider whether the remaining eight weeks of the current semester can be saved.

This comes after more violence at the Port Moresby campus today, with students and security officials pelting each other with rocks before police stepped in.

Students, who the university believes are being egged on by politicians, have been staging protests for more than two weeks over the way the GPA or grade point average is being applied.

The Vice Chancellor Professor, Les Eastcott, says they have received the backing of the Prime Minister who is keen for the semester to last its remaining eight weeks.

He says the semester could be extended but the university is still to determine if continuing is viable given that students continue to boycott classes.

Meanwhile, the university has brought in a curfew aimed at confining students on the campus to their residential quarters after seven each evening.