21 Oct 2005

PNG parliamentarians unite to condemn watchdog's corruption ranking

10:34 am on 21 October 2005

Papua New Guinea parliamentarians are united in their opposition to the findings of a recent report by a global corruption watchdog.

A survey by Transparency International suggested corruption in Papua New Guinea had become worse over the past year, ranking it amongst the world's most corrupt nations.

The PNG Opposition leader, Peter O'Neill, says he supports the prime minister, Sir Michael Somare, in challenging the report.

Mr O'Neill says organisations such as Transparency are principally responsible for foreign academia labelling Papua New Guinea as a failed state.

He says he believes a foreign funded mafia exists, which is, as he puts it, bent on dragging the country down through malicious and selective dissemination of information calculated to undermine the country's leadership.

Mr O'Neill says MPs aren't required to report to Transparency to explain their positions on proposals for further anti-corruption legislation.