24 Oct 2005

NGO concern at rate of progress on regional cooperation plan

12:22 pm on 24 October 2005

NGOs remain worried about the rate of progress on the Pacific Plan for greater regional cooperation.

The Plan is expected to be endorsed by Pacific leaders at the Forum summit in Port Moresby tomorrow

There have been earlier calls for its implementation to be delayed, because some the NGOs say there has not been a enough consultation and many remain in the dark about the document.

Despite Forum assurances that the Plan will be developed over many years and that there will be ongoing consultation, a civil society forum, under way in Port Moresby, has heard further calls for a deferral.

Va'asilifiti Jackson of the Samoa umbrella group for NGOs or SUNGO, says it's important that the Plan is the work of the people.

"It must be done properly, there's no need to rush it. And if we do it properly, we need the input of a lot of those decision makers in the village."