25 Oct 2005

Solomons governor-general told about concern over non-Christians

4:09 pm on 25 October 2005

Reports from Solomon Islands say the Governor-General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, has been told of concern on Malaita island about the presence of Muslims in the country.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation says a pastor, speaking on behalf of the community, was worried about non-Christians.

Pastor George Tafoa said the rapid coming in of other religions or cults such as the Muslim religion which lures youth with training overseas and money is a grave concern.

He says if Solomon Islands is to stand with other countries like Australia and United States against terrorism, he questioned why the Government accept the Muslims into the country.

According to the radio report, Pastor Tafoa also expressed concern about the way that Asian businesses are controlling commerce in the capital, Honiara.