25 Oct 2005

Pitcairn deputy governor imposes restrictions on visiting TV crew

4:11 pm on 25 October 2005

Britain has imposed restrictions on a television documentary making team travelling to Pitcairn.

WAGG TV crew produces films for the British domestic network Channel Four.

Some Pitcairn Islanders claim Britain is trying to split the island because the TV crew is only allowed to stay in an empty house.

The deputy governor of Pitcairn, Matthew Forbes, says the filmmakers had wanted to stay at the home of a recently convicted child rapist.

Mr Forbes says he's not trying to restrict the filmcrew's access to the islanders.

"There are people with views on both sides here, the convicted men and the complainants, and that does manifest itself on the island, so what we were trying to do here was to make sure that a neutral venue didn't upset one side or the other."

Deputy governor Forbes says his right to restrict the filmcrew's immigration permits is clearly stated in Pitcairn law.

Islanders accused of rape have challenged Britain's jurisdiction over Pitcairn, at the Pitcairn Supreme Court in Papakura in New Zealand.