27 Oct 2005

American Samoa yet to formally approve compensation payment for child death

2:51 pm on 27 October 2005

The Assistant Attorney General in American Samoa says the appropriation bill is still to be voted on by the legislature in the case of a young girl whose family sued a hospital and the government for neglect.

The family of Keolani Lemyia Jenkins had filed a two-million dollar lawsuit against the LBJ Hospital and the government in 2003, claiming doctors neglected to admit the three-year-old to hospital.

The High Court approved an out of court settlement of 140,000 US dollars.

The Assistant Attorney General, David Cassetty, says payemnt of the money still needs to be approved by the Governor

"With the approval of the settlement the next step is to submit it to the Governor to send a request for an approriations bill to the legislature, which then would have to vote to appropriate the money to fund that settlement."

Assistant Attorney General David Cassetty say no time has been set for the vote.