28 Oct 2005

Fiji PSA says Australia and New Zealand must reconsider their attitudes to labour mobility

11:13 am on 28 October 2005

Fiji's Public Service Association says Australia and New Zealand are not serious about helping Fiji.

The accusation follows the refusal by Australia and New Zealand to accept guest workers from Fiji to fill seasonal labour shortages.

The general secretary of the Fiji Public Service Association, Rajeshwar Singh, has told Radio Fiji that Australia and New Zealand should assist in this area.

Mr Singh says the attitude of the two countries is just a whitewash in which they are trying to show that they are doing something.

He says the Fiji government should continue to push for the labour mobility scheme so it can help ease the unemployment problem.

The prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, has expressed extreme disappointment with the two countries while the labour minister, Kenneth Zinck, has accused them of double standards in accepting unskilled labour from European countries but NOT those from Fiji.