28 Oct 2005

Three former Solomons militants get life terms for murders of six clerics

4:14 pm on 28 October 2005

Three former militants in Solomon Islands have been given life sentences for the murders of six clerics in Guadalcanal in 2003.

Dorothy Wickham reports from Honiara.

"The operations commander of the GLF, Guadalcanal Liberation Front got one mandatory life sentence, and five life sentences, and his two co-accused, Joses Kejoa, had one life sentence, and the other person accused, which is Owen Isa, got one life sentence. Handing down his judgment, Justice Sekove Naqiolevu, who is from Fiji, said that the crime they committed was quite serious, and he said that obviously the families would never get over it."

A juvenile only identified as 'K' also faces a murder charge and will be tried separately.