1 Nov 2005

Solomons bishop bans logging in his diocese

2:29 pm on 1 November 2005

The Bishop of the Church of Melanesia in the diocese of Central Solomons, the Right Reverend Charles Koete, has banned all logging activities in his diocese.

The Bishop went to a new logging campsite near Bola village on South Gela and raised a wooden rugged cross with a notice halting further work on the site.

The secretary for the Diocese, George Palua, says a resolution was passed by the Diocesan Synod in July and declared logging is not development but destruction

"All diocese can make decisions on their own which affect their members. And in this case the diocese synod has made a stand, and that is the authority that the bishop has in enforcing that decision on this particular logging operation."

George Palua says workers have been able to decide whether to continue working at the site but nothing official has come from the logging company yet.