4 Nov 2005

Deal with HIV/Aids, Europe urges Solomons

9:31 am on 4 November 2005

The Brussels-based director of the European Union's Pacific Office has told the Solomon Islands government that it should deal more vigorously with the issue of HIV/Aids.

Anders Henriksson travelled to the Solomons this week and met with the prime minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza.

During the meeting Mr Henriksson said the EU was concerned at the prevalence of HIV/Aids.

He says local leaders need to realise that the issue is not just one of public health.

"In my duties I also deal with a number of countries in southern Africa and other parts of Africa, where we see that the AIDS pandemic has become an issue which does not only have very alarming humanitarian consequences but also is an issue of having strategic economic consequences for the viability of this country."