8 Nov 2005

Solomon Islands team to assess damage caused by floods and landslide

4:22 pm on 8 November 2005

Villagers in Solomon Islands who have been hit by flooding and a landslide are expected to have lost their food supplies.

A Red Cross officer, Clement Manuri, says they're waiting for an assessment to come in sometime today, before a decision is made on what sort of relief effort is needed for the provinces of Makira and Malaita.

Police say there have been no reports of injuries or deaths but houses are believed to have been damaged.

And Mr Manuri says whenever there's been flooding, the food gardens are often the first things to be lost so supplies will need to be sent.

He says it takes quite a long time for villagers to grow new crops.

"If they start planting after the flooding, that will take three to five months, depends on the type of potato that they grow. For the others, it will take up to nine months, or even a year, for bananas and other root crops"

Clement Manuri says the National Disaster Management office is co-ordinating the response to the situation.